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Why Choose the Pet Spa?

The Good Life Difference, of course!

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Dog Grooming Tools

The Best Equipment, Products, & Tools

The Good Life Spa is decked out with the highest quality equipment, products, and tools. Guaranteeing each furry guest gets the best treatment and coat care.

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Guests enjoy soothing music designed to calm pets (what type of music do dogs like?) For dogs who like cinema, my iPad streams YouTube videos just for canines. 

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It's Time to Relax, Enjoy...

Whether your pet needs a bath, haircut, skin treatment, or just a day of pure indulgence, I offer a comprehensive range of treatments to make all my furry clients look and feel like a totally pampered pet.

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Little dog at spa being groomed with hai

Pamper & Indulge

Click here to shop for packages, add-ons, & ala carte items!

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