Question & Answer

How do I will receive the account?

Depending of the account you bought, if it's FAST DELIVERY you will recieve an email with user and password, if it's INSTANT DELIVERY you will be able to download a text file with user and password.

Do you supply special orders?

Sure! You can tell us what Pokemon or account you looking for and we will try to find it for you.

Do I have to login on this site to buy an account?

No, you can buy the account without registering on our site, but you have to enter correct your email so we can send you the account.

What happen if I regret buying the account after payment?

First of all, don't use the account, second, contact us before 10 days. We will check the account and if everything is ok we can proceed to refund you.

Are this account at risk of being banned?

No, all ours account are guaranteed, if you play it on the original Pokemon Go app you'll never be banned.

What does PTC means?

Pokemon Trainer Club, is the safer login method.

Is email changeable on PTC accounts?

It depends of the account you're buying, please read description first before paying.

Image by Jamie Street