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& Pricing


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Starting at $52
*extra charge may be added if dog is heavily matted.


The Full Groom

Luxury service ideal for dogs in need of a haircut, a restyle, or preparing for a special day.

Package includes:

  • Skin analysis

  • Paw & pad trim

  • Bath with specialty shampoo, conditioner, & facial

  • Fluff & blow-dry 

  • Sanitary trim & anal gland evaluation

  • Full body brushing

  • Aromatherapy ear cleansing & hair maintenance

  • Nails trimmed & smoothed

  • Your choice of fur cut 

  • Double-coated and/or smooth-coated breeds that do not require a cut will receive a de-shedding treatment that reduces shedding between grooms

  • Complimentary hair accessory or bandana

The Tidy

Green paw trans background.png

Perfect for Maintenance and Between Haircuts.

Package includes:

  • Bath with specialty shampoo, conditioner, & facial

  • Fluff & blow-dry

  • Full body brushing

  • Trim hair around eyes

  • Sanitary area trim

  • Paw trim

  • Aromatherapy ear cleaning

  • Nail trim

  • Complimentary hair accessory or bandana

Groomed Dog

Starting price $35

Add Ons & Special Services

Green paw trans background.png

Make your best friend's groom extra good with luxury add-on services!

Dematting $15 per 15 Minutes

Dog Grooming Tools

Dematting is the removal of severe knots in the dog's coat. Depending on the severity, brushing them out may not be possible. If the coat is too tangled, the animal will require a shave down haircut to remove the mats, alleviate any pain, and prevent damage to the skin.

Mud Bath $12 & up


A mineral mud bath treatment that gently addresses skin & coat issues by removing impurities, exfoliating skin, deep conditioning coat, & adding shine.

Medicated Bath Treatments $10 & up

Chihuahua Bath

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial Treatment
Aids in the control of skin problems.  Combines anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial ingredients to create the healthiest environment for healing. Minimizes skin problems caused by fungus and bacteria. Controls dry flaky skin conditions.

Nail Pawlish $10

Dog nails.PNG

Show off those nails with a bright new color. Choose from pink, purple, or red. Pawlish can also help strengthen or add protection to nails. Make your dog’s paws perfectly pretty!

Soft Paws Nail Caps Half Set $30    Full Set $60

Nail Caps.PNG

Soft Paws are plastic nail caps that protect a dog’s nails, as well as protecting your furniture from scratches. Available for either two or four paws. Service includes both the set and the application.

Creative Grooming $12 & up


Get your bestie ready for a special occasion by adding a tattoo or splash of color! The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Beautiful for holidays, weddings, parties, don't let your dog be left out of the fun. I source my colorings from Opawz, an industry leader in creative grooming. Temporary tattoos, color paste, and chalk available. See FAQ's for more info.

Ala Carte Items*


Ear Cleaning $10


Routine ear cleaning and trimming to prevent any wax or dirt from building up, and to avoid any irritations or infestations. Aromatherapy ear cleaning gently cleans & soothes the skin.

Nail Clip $10

nail trim.PNG

Help keep your pooch’s nails in top condition between grooms with a nail trim & buff service.

Deluxe Pawdicure $25

Image by Cole Wyland

Nails are trimmed & filed, paw pads trimmed, paws cleansed in an effervescent foot soak that soothes, deodorizes & combats paw licking, paws massaged with a deep-moisturizing paw balm.

Nail Pawlish $12

Dog nails.PNG

Is your pooch in the mood for a quick pop of color? She's in luck. Give her a quick touch of class.

Dematting $15 per 15 minutes

Dog Grooming Tools

Does your pooch have a few problematic mats but doesn't need a full groom? Mats near friction areas can be removed to help prolong the time between grooms (subject to consultation).

Nose & Pad Treatment  $10

Image by freestocks

Don't let dry paws or a cracked nose slow your dog down. Deep moisturizing paw & nose treatments will keep his nose and his toes in tip-top shape.

Top Knot Styling & Bow $10

Image by Edson Torres

Your pooch is high-class inside and out. Help her show it! Let her chose her own hair bow (with a little help from you). Not to mention, tying that hair up keeps it out of those beautiful peepers. 

Brush it Out $15 per 15 mins.

Image by Abbie Love

Regular brushing is essential to your dog's coat health. Brushing helps stimulate the skin & keeps coats tangle-free. It is especially recommended for the coats of water-loving dogs since they are more likely to mat after some time in the pool or lake.

Soft Paws Nail Caps Half Set $30   Full Set $60

Nail Caps.PNG

Soft Claws are plastic nail caps that protect a dog’s nails, as well as protecting your furniture from scratches. Available for either two or four paws. Service includes both the set and the application.

** Extra charges may apply for pets that are NOT groomed routinely (every 4-6 weeks). Issues such as heavily soiled coats, matted coats, ticks, biting, or behavior problems will require extra charges. These issues require extra time and/or extra product to get the job done properly. 

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