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Sleeping Dogs

Most people struggle to find a responsible, caring pet-sitter when they need to be away from home for a few days. Good Life Grooming (and pet-sitting) offers a solution to this problem by caring for your pet in her own home. When your pet can stay in familiar surroundings, she is more comfortable and less anxious. You can enjoy your time away knowing your pet is in good hands. 


Services Include:

  • Feeding

  • Exercise

  • Playtime & TLC

  • Walks

  • Administering medication

  • Cleaning of kennels & litter boxes

  • Other pet care duties 


* These services are available in Springfield and within a 5-mile radius around the city.


In-home pet care is the choice of pet owners and the "pet-preferred" method of vacation and travel care. We also can provide vital home care services while you are away, including mail or newspaper pick up, placing trash outside for pickup, or rotating the lights and opening or closing blinds to make your house look lived in.  A professional pet sitter provides The Good Life for everyone, man or beast.

Pet Sitting

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Molly loves The Good Life!

"We never have to worry about Molly when we need to be out of town. She gets to enjoy the comfort of her own home environment without all the unnecessary stress that boarding causes. Michelle gives her more love and TLC than she would get at the boarding center. Michelle also keeps in communication with us and lets us know how much fun they are having.

We love having The Good Life Pet-Sitting Service in Springfield!"



-- Ashley Rothmeier, Springfield MN (Molly's Human)

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