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What is  

House Call Grooming?

There are many house call groomers all over the USA!

House call grooming means that a professional groomer comes to you and grooms your pet in the safety and comfort of its own home. Many mobile groomers set up shop inside of a van or truck. Instead, I bring portable equipment into your house, garage, or 

Dog Wash

any area of your choosing. No need to worry about clean up either. I do my best to make it look like I was never there.


House call grooming Is great for any dog, but especially dogs who are elderly, special needs, suffer from separation anxiety, can't tolerate riding to the groomer, or withstand the grooming salon environment. 

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What are the Benefits?

Dog Grooming


Don't go to the groomer! Let the groomer come to you! Many pet-parents LOVE house call grooming since it saves them the time and inconvenience of making that monthly visit to the groomer. Whether you chose to be present during your dog's groom or you'd like to take advantage of the "Latch-Key" Program, you'll save yourself time and hassle.

Less stress for your dog

House call grooming is the "pet preferred" method of grooming. There are no strange smells, sounds, or other dogs. There are also no kennels to endure while your dog waits to be picked up. All of these stimuli can be very overwhelming and upsetting to a sensitive dog. Grooming a dog in the comfort of its own home will keep your dog comfortable and relaxed. It has also shown to help dogs make a more positive association with grooming in general.

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How Does it Work?

Book your appointment online or call Me (Michelle) at (507) 227-8767. We will assess your dog's needs and discuss if house call grooming would be a good option for you and your pet.



On appointment day, I will arrive at your home with all the tools and supplies I need. I will set up, bathe, dry, brush, and groom your pet to your specifications. I will then clean and pack up leaving you and your pet to enjoy the rest of your day.

You may even choose to utilize the "Latch Key" Program. Just provide me with entry to your house or garage space. I will let myself in, set up, groom your dog, and make my exit. Your doors will be locked and lights turned out just as you left them. And, you'll come home to a groomed and happy dog!

Click here to shop for packages, add-ons, & ala carte items!

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